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LANDOVER, Md. -- New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady busted his knee brace while sliding on a 6-yard scramble in the second quarter of Sunday's victory over the Washington Redskins and said he'll need a new one.

Brady took off on a third-and-5 play and slid, with the brace getting caught in the natural grass surface at FedEx Field.

"All the sod gets stuck inside the brace, so it's just jammed. It's like turf, just stuck. I was trying to push it out, but it's like super-glued in there," Brady explained after the Patriots' 33-7 win.


Switch to running game sparks Patriots' struggling attack For a moment, some might have thought Brady was injured as he got up and immediately reached down to the brace. Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, who was nearby, then started helping Brady pick the grass out of the brace.

"I appreciated that," Brady said of Norman's assistance. "It looked probably pretty bad, because it just stops. The metal, the brace on the side, just digs into the turf. I should slide on my right side, but on the turf it usually doesn't do that. On the grass, sometimes it sticks. I need to get a new brace."

The Patriots host the Giants on Thursday night, so the new brace will need to arrive quicker than the norm.

As it turned out, Brady's scramble was negated by a holding penalty on center Ted Karras. Unfortunately for the brace, the penalty didn't negate the damage that was done.

"There's a bunch of little things, the little buckles that get all contorted and stuff. So we'll get a new one for next week," Brady said.